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AI Generates a Moving Video of You Dancing from a Single Still Image

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made it possible for anyone to participate in the latest TikTok dance trends without actually knowing the moves. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, in collaboration with Microsoft, have developed a model called Disentangled Control for Referring Human Dance Generation in Real World (DisCo) that can create a video of a person dancing from just a single still image.

The DisCo model works by splitting the image into three parts: the background, the foreground, and the pose of the person in the shot. Using this information, the AI is able to morph the person into a series of poses, resulting in a collection of individual frames that, when compiled back into a video, produces a realistic footage of the person dancing.

To train the DisCo model, the team used approximately 700,000 generic images of people taken from TikTok. This allowed the AI to learn about different poses and how to separate foregrounds from backgrounds. The researchers then further trained the model on a small dataset consisting of 350 dance videos, each ranging from 10 to 15 seconds long. This additional training helped the AI gain a deeper understanding of how people move while dancing.

Compared to other models such as Google and Nvidia-backed DreamPose, the DisCo model scores higher on measures of realism. The researchers believe that this technology could be integrated into platforms like TikTok, enabling users to participate in dance trends even if they don’t know how to dance themselves.

With the DisCo model, the possibilities for creating dance videos are endless. Not only can people create videos of themselves dancing, but they can also use it to generate videos of celebrities or public figures dancing. For example, one could easily create a video of Elon Musk dancing simply by using the DisCo model.

In conclusion, the DisCo model is a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology that allows users to generate moving videos of themselves or others dancing from just a single still image. With its ability to create realistic footage, this AI model opens up new avenues for people to participate in dance trends and express themselves creatively on platforms like TikTok.

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