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Using Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Your Life for Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

REUTERS/Khalid al-Mousily
The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve our lives is constantly emphasized. It is revolutionizing efforts to combat climate change and drive advancements in fusion technology (see “The biggest scientific challenges that AI is already helping to crack”). In the not-too-distant future, AI may even play a vital role in education, easing our workloads, and serving as our highly intelligent computerized personal assistants (see “What generative AI really means for the economy, jobs, and education”). But how can we tap into the power of AI to enhance our lives now?
It’s highly likely that you have already been benefiting from AI without even realizing it. For years, AI has been integral to popular products like Uber and personal assistants like Alexa. However, with the advent of generative AIs – which can produce text, video, images, and other content in response to prompts – there are even more opportunities to leverage this technology for our convenience. Irena Cronin, CEO of Infinite Retina, a research consultancy specializing in generative AI, notes that there is significant potential for ordinary people to harness this technology for their own purposes.
An effective way to incorporate AI into your daily life is to observe how businesses employ AI to enhance productivity, and then find ways to adapt these practices for yourself. Encountering difficulties drafting an email to your landlord? Enlist the help of generative AI. Such algorithms are perfect for crafting concise, emotion-free pieces, according to Christina Philippe, a senior digital strategist at Ogilvy in Germany. Philippe frequently outsources such tasks to ChatGPT, providing a list of issues and the desired solutions. She has discovered that …

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