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What Dietary Supplements are Effective and Which Should You Take?

Whenever I stroll down the supplements aisle at my local supermarket, I find myself drawn to the wide array of options available. The allure of brain-boosting formulations that claim to support memory or the promise of “super immunity” can be hard to resist. From vitamin C and multivitamins to echinacea or turmeric, there seems to be a supplement for every need. And if I venture online, things only get more extravagant with promises of enhanced libido and sports performance, and even “thermogenic fat burning”.

The sheer variety of products and the claims they make can be overwhelming and confusing. On one hand, we are bombarded with messages about the nutritional deficiencies of our modern diet, making the idea of adding concentrated nutrients extracted from food seem beneficial. But on the other hand, large studies often indicate that many supplements offer little to no discernible benefits.

Harvard University’s JoAnn Manson expresses concern over the dizzying number of dietary supplements flooding the market, with the possibility that people may be wasting money on ineffective or even harmful products.

With this in mind, let’s delve into this complex and contradictory world of nutritional supplements. We will examine the evidence behind the promises on the labels so that you can make informed choices about the products that truly deserve your hard-earned money.

Scientific agencies like the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) define supplements as concentrated sources …

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