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Stunning Image Captures Eruption of Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Iceland, known for its numerous active volcanoes, witnessed a remarkable eruption at Fagradalsfjall captured by photographer Olivier Grunewald. This eruption, which began in March 2021, ended a period of over 800 years of volcanic inactivity in the Reykjanes region near Reykjavík, the capital. Unlike violent explosions, this eruption involved a slow and steady flow of lava, making it relatively safe for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who flocked to witness it. The image taken in June 2021 shows the central crater of Fagradalsfjall filled with lava, creating a mesmerizing lake of liquid rock cascading down its slopes. Grunewald, who has been photographing volcanic events for over 25 years, finds volcanoes captivating due to their beauty, power, and the connection they offer with the planet’s natural forces. Although it is a dangerous task, taking precautions and having an observer to lookout ensures safety. The eruption at Fagradalsfjall resumed briefly in early August 2022 but has shown no visible activity since then. However, volcanologists predict that it may continue to erupt on a cyclic basis for several more years.


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