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10-Year-Old Interviews Alice Roberts about Her Novel, Wolf Road

The renowned academic, broadcaster, and now author, Alice Roberts, has recently released her debut children’s novel, Wolf Road. The story takes place 30,000 years ago during the ice age and revolves around Tuuli, a prehistoric girl on a pilgrimage to her tribe’s summer camp. Along her journey, she encounters a peculiar boy.

Given that this is Alice’s first venture into children’s literature, The Science Spotlight believed that the perfect person to interview her about it would be culture editor Alison Flood’s 10-year-old daughter, Jenny, an avid reader herself. Jenny posed various significant questions to Alice, ranging from whether people truly domesticated wolf cubs, to how Alice gained insights into the lives of people living thousands of years ago, and also about Alice’s personal preference between living in that time period or the present day.

Alice Roberts will be a featured speaker at The Science Spotlight Live, scheduled for October. Tickets are currently available for purchase.



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