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Alice Roberts: Archaeology as a Tool for Crafting Narratives

Alice Roberts is a true Renaissance woman. Not only is she a biological anthropologist, an author, and a broadcaster, but she also holds the esteemed position of professor of public engagement in science at the University of Birmingham, UK. Despite her busy schedule, Roberts recently found time to venture into the realm of children’s literature with her first book, Wolf Road. Set against the backdrop of the ice age 30,000 years ago, the book tells the captivating story of Tuuli, a prehistoric girl embarking on a journey to her tribe’s summer camp, where she encounters a mysterious boy.

Roberts sat down with culture editor Alison Flood from The Science Spotlight to discuss her foray into fiction writing, the extensive research she conducted for her novel, and the importance of introducing children to their ancestral past. “I was intrigued by the ice age and wanted to immerse readers in that ancient environment, leveraging the power of archaeology to construct a world in which the narrative could unfold,” Roberts explains.

Alice Roberts will be a featured speaker at The Science Spotlight Live in October. Tickets are now available for purchase.



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