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Test Your Knowledge of Animal Droppings with this Picture Quiz

all images by Chris Packham

Splattered, splodged, or squirted, strategically positioned or neatly coiled – animal droppings always carry a message for curious nature enthusiasts. At its simplest, it reveals the presence of a particular creature. However, with some practice, it can provide us with even more information. Under laboratory examination, it can tell us about the individual’s condition and status, as well as reveal details about the species as a whole, such as its distribution, population, and diet. Despite its sometimes unpleasant odor, excrement is a valuable source of knowledge. In our ongoing efforts to protect the world’s species, we cannot overlook its significance. So, let’s embrace the study of animal poo, starting with this quiz.

How to play

Take a look at the image above and try to identify which animal each droppings belongs to. To make things easier, this quiz provides multiple choice options. Here are the animals you can choose from:

  • Gentoo penguin
  • Bald eagle
  • Caterpillar
  • Snow leopard
  • Wild boar
  • Long-eared bat

Have your answers ready? Scroll down to discover if you were correct and to learn some fascinating facts about each animal and its droppings.


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