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Is it Possible to Extinguish the Sun with a Water Sphere of Equivalent Size?

Introduction: The Destruction of the Sun

The sun is a vital cosmic object for life on Earth, but what if we were to destroy it? In this episode of the Dead Planets Society podcast, the hosts explore various extreme methods to put out the sun. They discuss the idea of using a giant water sphere, stretching the sun into ribbons, and the lack of weapons powerful enough to extinguish it.

The Absurd Methods and Consequences

The hosts speak with planetary scientist Paul Byrne about the absurd methods and their potential consequences for Earth and the solar system. They delve into the possibility of creating another sun, the impact of a water sphere on Earth’s atmosphere, and the disruption of planetary orbits.

The Podcast: Dead Planets Society

Dead Planets Society is a podcast that explores outlandish ideas about tinkering with the cosmos and subjects them to the laws of physics. Whether it’s punching a hole in a planet or destroying the sun, the hosts investigate the outcomes and consequences of these hypothetical scenarios.

Can Water Extinguish the Sun?

The hosts discuss the idea of using a giant water sphere to extinguish the sun. They explore the challenges of creating such a sphere and the potential outcomes. Paul Byrne explains that a water sphere the size of the sun would actually have more mass and gravitational pull, potentially resulting in the creation of another sun rather than extinguishing the current one.

The Impact on Earth and Planetary Orbits

If the water sphere were placed near Earth, it would have a significant impact on our planet and the entire solar system. Paul Byrne points out that the gravitational effects would be devastating, tearing apart Earth’s atmosphere and possibly physically disaggregating the planet. The disruption in planetary orbits would have far-reaching consequences for all the celestial bodies in the solar system.

Alternative Methods: Blowing Up the Sun and Creating a Black Hole

The hosts explore alternative methods of dealing with the sun. They discuss the possibility of blowing it up or turning it into a black hole. However, these methods come with their own set of problems, including the destruction of the solar system and the loss of habitability for planets.

Conclusion: The Dark Days and the End of the Solar System

In the hypothetical scenario of extinguishing the sun, the hosts envision the grim consequences. They discuss the wave of darkness that would hit the inner planets, causing them to freeze over and eventually leading to the death of all life. The solar system would be destroyed, with planets flying off into space in different directions.

Ending Remarks and Future Topics

The hosts conclude the episode with thoughts on the possibility of catching the planets or saving the solar system. They invite listeners to share their ideas for destroying cosmic objects and mention their Twitter handles for further discussion.

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