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The Original Quantum Theory’s Strange Successor

In 1935, an article titled “Einstein attacks quantum theory” appeared in The New York Times, featuring the world-renowned scientist and his two collaborators questioning the fundamental principles of the theory. They had discovered a phenomenon where particles separated by great distances seemed to interact instantaneously. This peculiar behavior was labeled “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein.

Despite Einstein’s contributions to quantum theory, he was skeptical of this spookiness and believed there must be something missing in our understanding of it. He couldn’t fathom that such strangeness could be true. However, as the field of physics advanced, experimental tests repeatedly confirmed the validity of quantum theory, including the strange phenomena it described.

While we have established the accuracy of quantum theory, the underlying reasons for its strangeness remain a mystery. Physicists have been diligently investigating its foundations in hopes of finding answers. Recently, a new and even more bizarre hypothesis has emerged: “almost quantum theory.” This revelation has ignited excitement within the scientific community, as we are on the verge of testing this hypothesis. If it passes the test, it will undoubtedly be the scientific upheaval of the century.

The Enigma of Quantum Theory

Quantum theory delves into the world of subatomic particles and provides unparalleled accuracy in describing their behavior. It is often regarded as…

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