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Pink Salt Lake Photo Shortlisted for Major Competition

One of the shortlisted images for the Earth Photo 2022 competition, organized by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society, captures the beauty and fragility of the planet. The photo, titled “At the Pink Planet, 1 Car and 2 People,” is taken by Yevhen Samuchenko and features the pink salt lake in Kherson, Ukraine. Samuchenko’s series of bird’s-eye view photos taken with a drone highlight the rich pink hue of the lake, which is caused by beta-carotene pigment produced by algae during the summer.

Another shortlisted photo for the Nature category is “Unearthed #1,” captured by Romain Loubeyre. This series of photos documents the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland over a span of 12 days in 2021.

Roberto Bueno’s photograph, “Wind Energy and Trees: Allied against climate change,” is shortlisted in the Changing Forests category. The photo showcases a pine tree and wind turbine in Tarragona, Spain, symbolizing the importance of both wind energy and forest conservation in combating climate change.

Lastly, Subrata Dey’s photo titled “Red Pepper Picking” depicts workers in Bogura, Bangladesh, harvesting red chillies. This photo is shortlisted in the Place category.

The Earth Photo 2022 exhibition will be held at the Royal Geographical Society starting from June 17.

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