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30×30: Achieving Conservation Success to Preserve Biodiversity

A Global Deal on Biodiversity

The Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve protects threatened Atlantic Forest landscape in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Luiz Claudio Marigo/Naturepl

The global community is facing a critical moment in conservation efforts. In Kunming, China, this year, negotiators will gather to finalize a long-awaited global deal on biodiversity. The fate of the world’s only known biosphere rests in their hands. With the alarming rates of biodiversity loss, experts warn that action must be taken within the next 10 years to prevent irreversible damage.

An Ambitious Target: 30 by 30

A key element of the negotiations is the proposed target known as “30 by 30.” This target aims to set aside 30% of Earth’s land and seas for nature conservation by 2030. This commitment goes beyond previous efforts and represents a breakthrough for many conservation biologists. However, there are concerns about whether this target will be approved, if it will be effectively implemented, and if it will be enough to address the biodiversity crisis.

The Value of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is of utmost importance for a variety of reasons. Aside from its intrinsic value, preserving biodiversity has numerous benefits for humanity. Intact ecosystems provide essential services such as clean air and water, fertile soils, pollination for food production, and protection against climate change, extreme weather events, and natural disasters. Moreover, maintaining biodiversity reduces the risk of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.

The Urgency of Action

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services emphasizes that urgent action is needed to address the current biodiversity crisis. Preserving nature and achieving the 30 by 30 target is not only a matter of moral responsibility but also a crucial step towards a sustainable future.

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