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Researchers have not too long ago found our forty fifth blood sort


IN 2023, a paper was revealed within the journal Blood that ended a thriller stretching again 4 many years. It detailed the existence of a new blood type, first proposed within the Nineteen Eighties – and of which there are actually 45 up to now.

This specific discovery was born from tragedy. A child died abruptly shortly after start. Its mom was subsequently found to have a blood sort (or group) that had by no means been recognized earlier than, whereas the infant had inherited its father’s. The 2 blood teams interacted in a uncommon approach that led to a deadly inflammatory response.

It displays a long-standing thriller of the human physique – simply what number of blood sorts there actually are, and the way this a part of our physiology will evolve sooner or later. We’re making headway: our not too long ago improved understanding of the variations in our blood helps to make transfusions safer and even beginning to reveal how your blood group influences your well being.

What number of blood sorts are there?

Blood sorts are distinguished by what sort of antigens are connected to pink blood cells and how much antibodies are within the surrounding plasma. The 4 commonest blood teams are A, B, O and AB, which relate to mixtures of antigens and antibodies, however delve somewhat deeper and there’s astonishing complexity. Presently, the 45 blood sorts signify greater than 390 totally different antigens and antibodies, with new discoveries being made on a regular basis.


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