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A miniature chair and desk 3D printed from waste woodThakur et al., Sci. Adv. 10, eadk3250 (2024)
Recycled wooden may be became an ink for 3D printing, which might provide a extra sustainable method to manufacture furnishings and even construct homes.
“Wooden has been used for constructing and structural functions for hundreds of years,” says Muhammad Rahman at Rice College in Texas. However working with the fabric isn’t particularly environment friendly, as chiselling it right down to measurement may end up in plenty of waste.

To utilize this leftover materials, Rahman and his colleagues cut up it into lignin and cellulose – molecules which might be key to the stiff construction of wooden – and these have been damaged right down to type nanofibres and nanocrystals. They then recombined the cellulose and lignin with water to make a clay-like substance that may very well be used as an ink.
The researchers used this substance to 3D print objects by forcing it via a nozzle and build up layers of ink.
To spice up the power of the 3D-printed objects, the staff freeze-dried them to take away moisture after which rapidly heated them as much as 180°C (356°F) to make the lignin soften and fuse with the cellulose.
“We are able to really mimic all of the visible, textural and olfactory properties of pure wooden,” says Rahman. The product was discovered to be almost six occasions extra sturdy than pure balsa wooden in compression exams, and as much as thrice as versatile in bending exams.
Up to now, the researchers have managed to create miniature furnishings and honeycomb constructions utilizing the ink, however they hope it might ultimately be used to construct bigger objects, akin to homes.
“We have to rethink how we are able to make constructions with out reducing down bushes,” says Rahman. “If we are able to recycle waste wooden utilizing 3D printing as a substitute of typical manufacturing, that will be an excellent step ahead.”


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