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THE followers roar into life, pumping air upwards at 260 kilometres per hour. Decked out in a saggy blue jumpsuit, purple helmet and plastic goggles, Claudia de Rham steps ahead right into a glass chamber and… whoosh! Out of the blue she is suspended in mid-air, a large grin on her face, thrilling to the simulated expertise of free fall.

I had persuaded de Rham, a theoretical physicist at Imperial School London, to return indoor skydiving with me at iFLY London. It appeared becoming, on condition that a lot of her life has been devoted to exploring the bounds and true nature of gravity – and launching ourselves out of a aircraft wasn’t an possibility, at the very least on this event.

As she describes in her new ebook, The Beauty of Falling, de Rham educated to be a pilot after which an astronaut, just for a medical drawback to scupper her possibilities of the last word escape from gravity. However she has gone on to discover this most acquainted and mysterious drive in a extra profound method, as a theorist, and made an impression by asking a radical query: what does gravity weigh?

By that she means the graviton, the hypothetical particle thought to hold this drive. If it has mass, as de Rham suspects, that may open a brand new window onto gravity. Amongst different issues, we would lastly spot a “gravitational rainbow” that may betray the existence of gravitons – and with them, a long-sought quantum description of gravity.

As de Rham floats on air, she makes it look simple. She is quickly ascending to…

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