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Useless Planets Society is a podcast that takes outlandish concepts about how one can tinker with the cosmos – from snapping the moon in half to inflicting a gravitational wave apocalypse – and topics them to the legal guidelines of physics to see how they fare. Pay attention on Apple, Spotify or on our podcast page.

Useless Planets Society is again for season two, and our intrepid hosts Chelsea Whyte and Leah Crane are going after the hardest adversaries within the universe: black holes. These cosmic behemoths are so large and so sturdy that they will devour just about something that’s thrown at them with out a lot as flinching – so is it even potential to destroy one?

Black holes are anticipated to evaporate on their very own because of Hawking radiation, a course of by which they emit a gradual leak of particles, however this may take for much longer than the age of the universe to occur naturally. Simply ready isn’t actually an choice, so our hosts are joined by black gap astronomer Allison Kirkpatrick on the College of Kansas in an try to discover a quicker manner.

Throwing something on the black gap received’t actually assist both, whether or not it’s a planet product of TNT or clumps of antimatter – the black gap will simply swallow it up and get much more huge.

That doesn’t imply it’s unimaginable to dream up one thing that may destroy a black gap by falling in. The escape velocity of a black gap – the velocity at which one must fly away from its centre to flee its gravitational affect – is quicker than the velocity of sunshine, so a ship that might journey past that bodily limitation would possibly be capable to escape, or a bomb that might explode quicker than the velocity of sunshine would possibly be capable to make a dent.

That’s solely the start of the outlandish methods to doubtlessly wreck a black gap. Theoretical objects referred to as white holes would possibly work, however that might imply sending the black holes again in time, which wouldn’t be nice for the previous or the longer term.

A black gap may maybe be stretched out, however whether or not that works is determined by the query of how quantum mechanics and basic relativity mesh collectively, which would be the largest unsolved query in physics. Our hosts discover that big magnets may assist, with doubtlessly horrifying outcomes.


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