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A latest development for “cow cuddling” is claimed to cut back stress


Cattle utilized in human remedy programmes might favor interacting with women and girls than with males, a small research suggests.

Animal-assisted remedy programmes normally contain canines, rabbits or horses, however there’s a latest development in the direction of “cow cuddling” to cut back stress and loneliness.

To be taught extra in regards to the potential results of cattle in animal remedy programmes, Katherine Compitus at New York College and her colleague Sonya Bierbower at the US Navy Academy West Level invited 11 folks – 5 ladies, 5 males and one lady – aged 13 to 79 to work together with two castrated male Holsteins for not less than 45 minutes every. Compitus had raised the steers, each round 1 yr previous, on a small sanctuary farm in Goshen, New York, after they had been orphaned as newborns on a dairy farm.

The pair geared up every volunteer with a brush and a bag of treats, earlier than asking them to work together with the steers – which Compitus says behave like “toy poodles” – of their residence pen, whereas respecting the animals’ alternative to interact with them.

Instantly after spending time with the steers, the contributors crammed out a 24-point questionnaire describing their interactions and the way they sensed the animals felt in regards to the expertise.

All however one of many contributors reported spending most of their time within the pen close by to the steers as they watched, petted, talked to and took footage with them. General, they felt the animals typically initiated non-threatening interactions with them, proven by smelling and licking them, making vocalisations or “moos”, and accepting meals from them.

The ladies and lady reported extra incidences of the steers licking, accepting meals and responding to efforts to coach them. Whereas the lads additionally described largely optimistic interactions, they thought the steers typically acted aggressively.

That mentioned, the ladies and lady reported kissing the steers twice as a lot as the lads did, which can have influenced the outcomes. In addition they spent considerably extra time enjoying with the animals and taking pictures with them, and reported barely extra optimistic interactions with the steers total.

“Did the lads work together with the cows? Completely they did, and so they reported having fun with it,” says Compitus. “It’s simply that, for some purpose, the ladies appear to get pleasure from it extra – and the cows loved it extra too.”

Whereas additional analysis is required, Compitus wonders if the animals sensed persona variations between the sexes. “Did the cows decide up that the ladies had been simply extra nurturing after which elicit extra consideration from the ladies?” says Compitus. “That’s one thing that we now have to have a look at additional.”


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