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Useless Planets Society is a podcast that takes outlandish concepts about methods to tinker with the cosmos – from snapping the moon in half to inflicting a gravitational wave apocalypse – and topics them to the legal guidelines of physics to see how they fare. Hear on Apple, Spotify or on our podcast page.

One moon merely isn’t sufficient. Earth solely has one, whereas another planets have many – Jupiter has 95 moons, placing our single shining cosmic associate to disgrace. On this episode of Useless Planets Society, it’s time to mild up the night time sky with as many moons as doable.

But it surely isn’t as simple as simply chucking a bunch of rocks into orbit, so our hosts Leah Crane and Chelsea Whyte are joined this episode by Sean Raymond on the College of Bordeaux in France for assist with the particulars. He suggests we may assemble a hoop of 10 moons orbiting Earth, every in a special part, inflicting unusual little eclipses as they march across the planet.

And it isn’t simply moons: in 2018, Raymond and Juna Kollmeier at Carnegie Observatories in California discovered it’s theoretically doable for Earth’s moon to have its personal orbiting satellite tv for pc, dubbed a moonmoon. Such a factor won’t be secure due to gravitational anomalies current in our moon, so our hosts are including a gargantuan immersion blender to their cosmic toolbelt to clean issues out. As soon as issues are sorted, there might be moonmoons and even moonmoonmoons lighting up the night time sky.

The moon is vibrant as a result of it displays daylight, and these new moons might be the right locations to place a collection of big photo voltaic panels – unobstructed by the environment and clouds that plague Earth’s floor. They might even be so vibrant it might in all probability be unimaginable to ever see the celebs from Earth’s floor, however that’s a comparatively small element.

The larger downside: the extra complicated and crowded the orbits get, the larger the danger of those moons and moonmoons smashing collectively. This might give our planet stunning rings like Saturn’s, nevertheless it may additionally destroy life on Earth.

Useless Planets Society is a hilariously harmful podcast concerning the cosmos from New Scientist. In every episode, hosts Leah Crane and Chelsea Whyte discover what would occur in the event that they got cosmic powers to rearrange the universe. They converse with astronomers, cosmologists and geologists to seek out out what the implications can be if we punched a gap in a planet, unified the asteroid belt or destroyed the solar. Season two of Useless Planets Society is out there to pay attention on Apple, Spotify, or or on our podcast page.


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