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VOR NVS is on the sting of the village of Navas del Rey, SpainIgnacio Evangelista
These solitary buildings have been as soon as a key pillar of aviation navigation, however, on account of their distant places, right this moment they’re little identified. Photographer Ignacio Evangelista’s starkly stunning pictures shine a lightweight on the beacons, dubbed VORs (very high-frequency omnidirectional vary stations), and their function in carving out routes within the sky for plane.
VOR CMAIgnacio Evangelista
Primarily big antennas, VORs beam out radio alerts from secluded spots to permit planes to repair their location and keep heading in the right direction by flying from VOR to VOR. The alerts may be considered “breadcrumbs”, says Evangelista. The isolation is critical to keep away from interference in broadcasts between VORs.
Stations like those pictured listed below are a dying breed, as they’re more and more being decommissioned in favour of satellite-based GPS. However though GPS could also be a extra correct technique of navigation, VORs supply a back-up throughout occasions like photo voltaic storms or GPS interference, with out which there could possibly be an excessive amount of chaos, says Evangelista.
VOR BRYIgnacio Evangelista
As a result of their places are publicly accessible, anybody can hunt down a remaining VOR just by utilizing GPS – a “curious technological pirouette”, as Evangelista places it. This set him heading in the right direction to doc a number of the extra photo-worthy stations earlier than they disappear for good.
Pictured from the highest, the primary two stations are in Spain – VOR NVS is on the sting of the village of Navas del Rey, 50 kilometres from Madrid, whereas VOR CMA is 1.5 km from the village of Calamocha. The final, VOR BRY, is on the sting of French village Bray-sur-Seine.


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